Brand design & development, UX/UI design, app concept & prototype


The Problem:

To research, conceptualize, design, and prototype an app as a practice in app development and UX design.

Ivistyle is an app concept and prototype that was created as a college assignment. The goal of the project was to utilize concepts that had been learned over the course of our program, including brand design and development, UX design, as well as prototyping and development.

My app, Ivistyle, is a wardrobe organization and outfit creation app with the goal of simplifying the act of getting dressed for the day by providing a referential catalogue of clothing items and outfits to the user.


Much like my Fizz Tea project, I needed to develop a concept and brand for my app. In this particular scenario, I was tasked to conceptualize an app that would solve a basic, everyday problem. The problem I set out to solve was the common issue of “not having anything to wear.” Ivistyle serves the user by acting as a catalogue of the clothing items that they own, as well as a reference of outfits that they have created. The goal of the app is to encourage users to make the most of the clothes they already have, especially if they are interested in fashion but are aware of the environmental impacts involved.

As a comprehensive assignment, this project was split into 3 main phases. Phase 1 was ideation and planning, which involved competitor analysis and brand research (including user persona and user journey development). Once I solidified the app’s brand and concept, the next phase consisted of UX/UI design, including researching user interfaces, sketching, and low-fidelity prototypes. Lastly, phase 3 involved creating high-fidelity prototypes using Adobe XD.

The final features of the app include a login and account creation system, the ability to take new photos or add a photo from the camera roll, the ability to edit your photo in-app, and the ability to add unique attributes for filtering purposes.