Westridge Community Centre

Brand redesign & development, web design & development


The Problem:

To update the existing brand of a local community centre by redesigning the logo and establishing a cohesive colour palette, which would then be used in the creation of a website.

As a final assignment in my college design program, a small group of my classmates and I had been assigned to assist the Westridge Community Centre with some design-related problems that they were having. The community centre did not have a website, and the little information that they have online is on an underutilized Facebook page. Additionally, the community centre was struggling with cohesive branding, and they did not have a well-designed logo.



Our team’s role was to research the best website hosting options for the client, update their branding, and create a basic website that they could then update and launch at their convenience. My own role was as project leader, as well as updating the branding and logo.

In the end, our team delivered a comprehensive website for the community centre, which included a secure online booking and payment system so that the community centre can accept online bookings. Additionally, we supplied an updated logo and basic visual identity guide.