Fizz Tea

Brand design & development, print & digital design, UX/UI, web design


The Problem:

To develop a brand and brand identity from scratch and utilize it in various design applications.

Fizz Tea is a comprehensive brand design project that I created as a college assignment. Each student had the opportunity to design and develop a fictional brand that we could then use to develop various assets and marketing materials for the rest of the term. I developed Fizz Tea, which is a fictional bubble tea shop.

Assets developed for Fizz Tea include a logo in different colour ways and a brand guidelines document. Marketing materials developed consist of a poster, flyer, a business stationery set, stickers and decals, social media motion graphics, and 3D renders.


As this project began with building a fictional brand from the ground up, the first step I took to create the brand was to identify the visual direction I wanted the brand to go in. I had the liberty to be able to create my own brand that I was excited to design assets for, so most of my brand development was in creating moodboards and deciding the visual direction I wanted the brand to take.

In most circumstances, a brand typically already has a history and an existing form of visual identity that is used to inform future design decisions. This history needs to be taken into consideration when designing for clients. However, I was lucky in that Fizz Tea was able to be whatever I wanted it to be. I researched the kinds of marketing material I wanted to produce, the aesthetics that I wanted the brand to have, and I built it based on those criteria. This resulted in a brand that is very pink, very retro, and all about boba; three of my favourite things!

The visual identity of Fizz Tea did change as I spent more time designing materials for the brand, which I feel is a natural evolution that stems from me learning more about design and gaining more experience with the various software I used to create these assets. Overall, creating such a wide breadth of material for one brand was a welcome challenge that I learned a lot from!